The Bolelengs Quartet are the Legendary Pokemon in the Calabarzon region.

Bolelengs HQEdit

  • Eiffel- the Defense dog. Its type is Steel/Psychic. It resides at Iron Cave located near Titanium and Sonic Town. It is awokened by Erica, attacking Titanium Town.
  • Oslo- the Attack dog. Its type is Ice/Psychic. It resides at Blizzard Cave located near the Pokemon League and Marine City. It is awokened by Kat, attacking Marine City.
  • London- the Speed dog. Its type is Electric/Psychic. It resides at Mind Cave located near NoName and Sonic. It is awokened by Pearl, attacking NoName City.
  • Kendra- the Special Stat dog. Its type is Dark/Dragon. It resides at Cueva ala JDG located between Wreath City and Josdon City. It is awokened by Ariane, attacking both cities and making portals. It is the trio master of the quartet.

Calabarzon MythEdit

According to myth, Kendra was created by Arceus but because of greed; He made London, Oslo, and Eiffel to give balance to Kendra. Arceus, called Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina to protect the god; while he banished it in Cueva ala JDG in Calabarzon Region. Kendra used to be the guardian of the Underworld until banishment to the said Cave.
Kendra was so strong that Arceus nearly fainted until he used Judgment. To keep Kendra calm, The 3 dogs make up the C-Triangle. Arceus created a trainer worthy enough to find the Golden Bone and control the Dragon of Darkness.
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