Battle Frontier Brains

The Battle Frontier and the Frontier Brains

Frontier Brains, 
in Omega, are trainers who decide if the decisions of the Gym Leaders are correct. Some of them are even weaker than the actual Gym Leaders but some are strong as the Elite 8. Their Pokemon are always Various types.

Frontier BrainsEdit

Rank (FrBr)  Frontier Brain Level Range Facility Symbol Given
10 Zeta Sarabia 50-100 Food Factory Food
9 Nathaniel Tapoc 50-100 Alien Shuttle Alien
8 Nyca Palaroan 50-100 Cuddles Playground Cuddles
7 Janine Duay 50-100 Twilight Colosseum Twilight
6 Princess Jordan 50-100 Instrument Coliseum Instrument
5 Kisseia Basa 50-100 Love Mall Love
4 Bea Vizcarra 50-100 Sports Center Sports
3 Joy Laron 50-100 Happiness Arcade Happiness
2 KC Dela Cruz 50-100 K-pop Palace K-pop
1 Aidon Inducta 50-100 Training Pyramid Training