History of Pokemon Calabarzon Region.

History of Wiki

The wiki was initially built by CJ Camara whose first account was named Ash_cj, but because of the forgotten password. He used his facebook account to build another account, namley Pkmn Master Cj. Notice "Cj" not being erased in his accounts

Some notable editors who do not own the wiki but edits it is PhoenixRessurection. 

History of the region itself

Bolelengs Theory

The region was built by the menace Kendra, then Oslo, London, and Eiffel appeared and made Kendra sleep in Cueva ala JDG

Continental Drift Theory

The region is known for being at the center of every region. Because of the fight between Legends land form all over Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto, Unova, and Kanto built as if they were one creating the region itself.