Strumslurp Island is located below Pag-asa Town and between Littlestein Island and Dire Island. It is the only island to change climate from Temperate(Alpha) to Polar(Omega) making the surfers into skiers. It is accessible after the Expert Badge and the HM Rock Smash has been obtained in Omega. 

Trainer of the CityEdit


Jules is the first gym leader of Strumslurp Gym. He becomes a guardian in Omega. His gym is surrounded with Acid inside. 


Andrae is the second gym leader of Strumslurp Gym. His gym is entirely made of ice with a temperature of -10 degrees Celcius. The player must solve five mathematical equations to open the door leading to him.

Special PokemonEdit


HM neededEdit

  • Surf
    • (not needed on first visit on Omega because of the bridge)