Team Vexo is an organized crime syndicate in pursuit of evil and creates Villanous Mechanical Pokemon which 2 behaved (2 of which were powered from Legendary Pokemon[Screechereen and Badias]).They Created Legendary Mechas:OmniPotency(Evil),Siege(Nice),Screechereen(Nice) and Badias(Evil). 


Here are some known Team Vexo Members:


  • SenoHold is the leader of Team Vexo.And Father of Prince Hydra.His main MECHANICAL Pokemon is Nearsis
  • Prince Hydra is the son of SenoHold.He is next in-charge.His main mechanical Pokemon is TryOib


  • Prof. Clyde is the Prof. who creates the mechanical Pokemon
  • Mylene Farrow is the first female trainer to join Team Vexo .Her main Mechanical Pokemon was Elico and was later destroyed and was replaced by Makubuzz.
  • Shadow Prove is the Craziest member despite being close to SenoHold,Hydra and Mylene ,he had chosen Darkness.His main mechanical pokemon was Hades and was destroyed by Axle's Charizard and was replaced by McSpidash.
  • Volt Luster is the fiecest member,he specializes in both Electric and Psychic Types.His main Mechanical Pokemon was Brontes and was destroyed by Hips' Metapod and was replaced by 4-eye_A-Beast
  • Lync Volan is the Youngest member,he is best Friends with Volt.His Main Mechanical Pokemon was Altair and was destroyed by Yamani's Liligant and was replaced by Aluxe.


  • Former Admins of Teams Aqua,Magma,Galactic and Plasma
  • Team Vexos Grunts are former teachers according to Elite 4 Ivan.



  1. Altair
  2. Brontes
  3. Elico
  4. Hades
  5. Tryoib
  6. Nearsis
  7. Siege(Good)
  8. OmniPotency
  9. Aluxe
  10. 4-eye_A-Beast
  11. McSpidash
  12. Makubuzz
  13. Screechereen(Good)
  14. Badias
  15. CroBorg
  16. Mechanical Pokemon Egg >>>CrongmaTron (given to player)


  • Klink
  • Klank
  • Klinkklang
  • Magneton
  • Magnemite
  • Magnezone
  • Rotom